5. Międzynarodowy Konkurs Waltorniowy „Domenico Ceccarossi”

06/06/2007 – 09/06/2007 całodniowy

Comune di Orsogna

– Città dei Talami –

Teatro “Camillo De Nardis”

V International Horn Competition Domenico Ceccarossi
7 – 8 – 9 June 2007

Artistic Director
Carlo Torlontano
With the patronage of:





Art. 1

Both male and female horn players of all nationalities, without limit of age can participate in the competition.

Art. 2

The competition will take place at the Municipal Theatre “C. De Nardis” from June 7 to June 9, 2007:

Thursday 7th – Roll call and eliminating round – 9,30 A.M.

Friday 8th – Semifinals

Saturday 9th – Finalists’ concert and award ceremony.

Art. 3

Eliminating round

The participants will play one piece listed below of their choice:

* W.A. Mozart, Concerto Rondo in Es KV 371 for Horn and Orchestra

(reduction for Horn and Piano)

· P. Dukas, Villanelle for Horn and Orchestra

(reduction for Horn and Piano)


The participants will play one piece listed below of their choice:

· R. Schumann, Adagio e Allegro op. 70 for Horn and Piano

· C.M. von Weber, Concertino in E minor op. 45 for Horn and Orchestra

(reduction for Horn and Piano)


The competitors will perform with the Orchestra a passage of their choice, among the followings:

* W.A. Mozart, Concerto Nr. 2 in Es KV 417 for Horn and Orchestra

· W.A. Mozart, Concerto Nr. 4 in Es KV 495 for Horn and Orchestra

The names the participant’s admitted to the successive rounds after the eliminating rounds will be made known through the bulletin board.

The organizing Committee will put M° Adriano Paolini, a pianist collaborator, at participant’s disposal.

However, should the participants so decide, they will be able to furnish their own pianist thereby assuming all associated financial costs associated with their decision.

Only the final round, which will be in the form of a concert, will be open to the public.

The competitors admitted to the final will at have their disposition 40 minutes of trial with the orchestra. The trials for the final with the orchestra will be held at L’Aquila, center of the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese, Friday 8th June with the schedule to be defined. The competitors’ transport to L’Aquila will be provided by the organization.

Art. 4

The registration fee will be € 25,00 payable through Post Office Account n. 12510665 in the name of Comune di Orsogna – Servizio di Tesoreria or please make payment by Wire Transfer in the name of Comune of Orsogna (C06050 77770 CC0490080369 if the order is initiating within Italy – Whereas the following data should be utilized for orders originating outside of Italy – IBAN: IT61 C060 5077 77OC C049 0080 369)

Proof of payment must accompany the application. specifying in all cases the name of sender, reason for payment, transfer must be at sender’s expense to avoid rejection.

The application form must be sent by May 20th, 2007, by registered mail with advice (proof) of receipt to the Secretary of the Competition, Fiorella Perinuzzi – Via Adriatico, 6 – 66036 Orsogna (CH) – Italy.

The participants must include in their application the following:

1) Surname and first name; 2) Place and date of birth; 3) Address; 4) Telephone number and e-mail; 5) Biografy.

The application must include (to ensure its validity) a copy of the payment, a photocopy of the national identification card, or passport, or Driver’s license.

Art. 5

The jury will be so composed:

· Vittorio Antonellini – President

President ICO

Conductor and Artistic Director of the Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese

· Stefano Aprile

Solo Horn Player RAI, Italian Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra

· Rino Marrone

Teacher of Orchestra Direction of the Conservatory “N. Piccinni” of Bari

Conductor and Artistic Director of Collegium Musicum Bari

· Federico Mondelci

Conductor and International Saxophonist Soloist

Artistic Director of Seasonal Concerts Rossini Theatre of Pesaro

· Jonathan Williams

Solo Horn Player Chamber Orchestra of Europe

past Solo Horn Player BBC Symphony Orchestra in London

Art. 6

The organizing committee foresees the following awards:

First Prize – € 2000,00

The winner will be inserted in the 2008 programme of the

Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese

Second Prize – € 1500,00

Third Prize – € 1000,00

The non winning finalists will be issued with a certificate of participation.

The Judge’s Panel reserves the right not to award all of the prizes. Should a prize be warded to more than one participant for the second or third place, the prize will de divided equally between the winner.

Art. 7

The Committee’s judgement is unquestionable. It’s also in the Committee’s power to hear just one tempo of the piece.

Art. 8

General Regulations

The organization reserve the right to vary the present regulations, where and if necessary. The participants, by signing the application form, accept the terms and conditions of the competition. Should the various phases of the competition be recorded by the Media, the participants are given to understand that they have no right of retribution whatsoever.

In the event that the organization has no alternative but to cancel the Competition for extenuating circumstances (Force Majeure), the registration fee will be refunded to the participants.

For further information, do not hesitate to call:

Fiorella Perinuzzi: Tel. 0871.869407

Cell. 320.6296968

Mario Tenaglia: Tel. 0871.86288

Cell. 320.0746606

Livia Ceccarossi: Cell. 3491553854

Artistic Director

Carlo Torlontano: Cell. 3475329821

e-mail: info@carlotorlontano.com

For information in English or Spanish, please contact

Francesco Mosca: Cell. 320.2130464 – Tel. 0871.869166

e-mail Competition:


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