Korg KDM-2



Easy-to-use digital metronome that visually marks the tempo with remarkable accuracy, and delivers a powerful sound. It features acclaimed dynamic cylindrical speaker (36 mm) with an improved resonator structure for clearer and powerful sound that is easy to hear even over loud instruments. It also allows choosing one of 3 different PSM sounds – cowbell, agogo, clave, for the beat, and Volume adjusting. Metronome features a total of 19 beat patterns, including variations like son clave or rumba clave; 3 tempo settings: Full Step (adjusting the tempo over a range of 30 through 252 in steps of one), Pendulum Step mode (setting the tempo using the preset tempo settings as on mechanical metronome), and Tap Tempo mode (setting the tempo by pressing TAP switch); a Sound Out mode that outputs a reference tone that can be used as a tuning guide; and a memory backup function that remembers specified tempo, beat calibration and reference pitch even when the power is turned off. Device is further equipped with easy-to-see large LED with the START/STOP switch located on the top panel that blinks in two colours (red and green) for visual indication of the tempo; large LCD screen, encoder-type TEMPO/CALIB dial and a Step Select switch that provide quick and direct access to settings and functions; and a 1/8” headphone jack for private practice. Metronome is powered by four AAA batteries (included, lifespan approx. 120 hours). Dimensions: 106 x 48.5 x 106.5 mm. Weight: 210 g.

Korg – KDM2 – Korg KDM-2

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