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    5foot2-M.Amy +partytura
    25 de dezembro-J.E.Freitas +partytura
    52 Pick-Up-David Bandman
    A Fifth of Beethoven-Dave Tanner
    A fooggy day-G.Gershwin
    A litle music-C.Trait +partytura
    A Minor Affair-S.Nestico +partytura
    A Night in tunesia-F.Paparelli
    A Nightinsale in Barley Squar
    A Tiske A Tasket-E.Filzgerald
    ABBA GOLD-R.Sebregts różne przeboje na big band
    Admiral’s Horn-N.Lane
    All in good time-Paul Cacia
    All my Loving +partytura
    All Of Me-S.Simons
    All Star-G.Camp +partytura
    Amazing Grace-T.Payne
    Amigos Para Siempre-Jardilino +partytura
    Ao Meu Redor +partytura
    Auld Lang Sune-C.Murray +partytura
    Back Home-S.Nestico
    Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    Bamboleo-Almir Franc +partytura
    Banstand Boogie-C.Albertine
    Be-Bop-Dizzy Gillespie
    Big band party-K.Grell
    Big Spender
    Black Eyes
    Blue Bossa-K.Durhan
    Blue Danube-W.Schwanzer
    Brunetki ,Blondynki-R.Stolz +partytura
    But Not For Me-G. and M.Gershwin
    Cal Me Claus
    Can’t Buy My love-J.Lenon +partytura
    Can’t help lovin dat man-J.Kern
    Caravan-arr.D.Ellington +partytura
    Carmen Entr’ acte-G.Bitzer +partytura
    Caravan-arr.S.Araujo +partytura
    Chatanooga Choo Choo-G.Miller +partytura
    Cheap Skate-Bill Hammond
    Cheek To Cheek +partytura
    Children of Sanchez-C.Mangione
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-R.Sherman +partytura
    Col Coffe-M.Schonfelder
    Colonel Boogy +partytura
    Concert for trumpet-D.Eliis
    Cool Blues-C.Parker
    Danny Boy-A.Glasscock
    Don’t Get Around Much Anymore-D.Ellington
    Don’t Get Around Much Anymore-D.Ellington wersja z vocal
    Donut King-N.Capocci +partytura
    Eleanor Rigby-J.Lenon +partytura
    El toro,berto-P.Busby
    Fashinating Rhithm
    Felling Good-M.Amy
    Fish&Monkey-M.Wirth +partytura
    Fly Me To The Moon-B.Howa +partytura
    Gibsy My Soul
    Girl From Ipanema-C.Jobim +partytura
    God Bless America -Weaver +partytura
    Hangover Street-Paul Busby
    Harlem Nocturne-R.Noble
    Have you met miss jones
    Hay Burner-S.Nestico
    Hello,dolly-J.Herman 3 wersje
    Hernandos Hideaway-R.Adler
    Hight Maintenace-G.Goodwin
    Hight Society
    Horn Of Puente-G.Goodwin
    I Can’t Turn You Loose-O.Redding +partytura
    I get A Kick Out Of You-C.Porter
    I got You-J.Brown
    If i love you-S.Lamprecht
    In a New York Minute-S.Wallace +partytura
    In The Mood-J.Garland +partytura 4 wersje
    It Don’t Mean A Thing-D.Ellington 2 wersje +partytura
    It’s All Right With Me-B.Myagkov +partytura
    I’ve Got My Love To Kepp Me Warm-I.Berlin
    James Bond 007-A.Betta 2 wersje +partytura
    Just a gigolo-L.Prim
    Just In Time-J.Styne
    Just you and me-A.Kreuzer
    K-4 Pacific-G.Mulligan
    Kava dviems-K.Daugela +partytura
    Kiling Me Softly With His Song-M.Amy +partytura
    Kombinuj dziewczyno-M.Łyszkiewicz +partytura
    La Viesta-C.Corea
    La Virgen de la Macarena-C.Brass +partytura
    Leap Frog-J.Garland
    Let’s Play Dixeland-E.HauBer
    Lat’s Twist Again-A.Gray
    Little Brown Jug-G.Miller
    Lover Man-J.Davis
    Mack Arthur Park-Webb
    Mack The Knife-M.Blitzstein
    Making Whoopee
    Mambo Number 5-Perez Prado +partytura
    Mantacca +partytura
    March of the siamese children
    Martinique-S.Nestico +partytura
    Mas Que Nada-J.Ben +partytura
    Mile-Regretz-Weaver +partytura
    Mission Impossible-L.Schifrin
    Moon river-J.Mercer +partytura
    Moonlight Serenade-Glenn Miller +partytura
    More-B.Myagkov +partytura
    Mr Mandela-Paul Busby
    Mulher-E.Carlos +partytura
    My Favorite Things
    My Funy Valentine
    My old loveE.Lamprecht
    My Way-C.Francois
    Nada Alem-C.Mesquita/M.Lago +partytura
    Nature Boy E.Ahbez +partytura
    New Look-M.Amy +partytura
    New York,New York-John Kander +partytura
    Nice Work If You Change it
    Not The Cats-G.Brisker +partytura
    Nou’s Blue-M.Collins +partytura
    Nutracker Suite-C.Murray +partytura
    On Broadway-B.Mann
    One More Once-M.Amy
    One To Ten In Ohio-G.Mulligan
    Orilla Del Mar-Jim Martin +partytura
    Oye Como VA-T.Puente
    Para Uma Amiga-Paul Busby
    Patricia-Perez Prado +partytura
    Pennsylvania 6-5000-C.Sigman
    Pink Panther-H.Mancini
    Pirates of the Caribbean-K.Badelt +partytura
    Pout-Pourri Eliane-J.Nobre +partytura
    Pure Redemption-M.Amy +partytura
    Purple Haze-J.Hendrix
    Rock This Town-B.Setzer +partytura
    Route 66
    Salt&Vinegar-V.Tonder +partytura
    Samba Del Gringo-G.Goodwin
    Secret Love
    Sentimental Journey
    Shivaree Ride
    Signed Sealed Delivered-S.Wonder
    Sing Sing Sing-Louis Prim
    Slapstick-Paul Busby
    Somone To Watch Over Me-G.Gershwin
    Something Stupid
    St.Louis Blues March
    Superstation-S.Wonder +partytura
    Sweet Child o Mine-Axel Rose +partytura
    Swing Medley
    Take the a train-B.Strayhorn
    Tank!-Y.Kanno +partytura
    Temptation-M.Amy +partytura
    Tequila-C.Rio +partytura
    That’s Life-D.Tanner
    The Best Is Yet To Come-C.Coleman
    The Contest Series-J.Murphy
    The Count +partytura
    The Entertainer-S.Joplin +partytura
    The Lady Is A Tramp-L.Hart
    The Old Piano Roll Blues-C.Coben
    The Queen(Good save the queen) -M.Collins +partytura
    The Smoke +partytura
    The Star Spangled Banner +partytura
    There’s The Rub-G.Goodwin
    Thress a Crowd-M.Collins +partytura
    Tico-Tico-Z. de Abreu +partytura
    Touch Me Revised-Doors
    Tributo to Gray Jerry Gray-J.Harpin +partytura
    Tributo To the Ovlov-M.Amy +partytura
    Tributo a Burt Bacharach-E.Lira +partytura
    Twist Is In-A.Hofbauer
    Tribute To Gray-J.Harpin +partytura
    Up to 50% Off-D.Diblasio
    Velvet Eyes-K.Brunthaler
    Whata Wonderful World-G.David 2 wersje
    When i Fall in love-V.Young
    Whisper Not-B.Golson
    Wind Machine-S.Nestico
    Witch Craft
    Wonderbag-K.Richmond +partytura
    Woodchopper’s Ball-J.Bishop
    You Can’t Stop The Beat-M.Shaiman


    11September.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:46 613K
    12 Days of Christmas..> 06-Sep-2005 02:40 365K

    99luftballons.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:47 831K
    A Bandolero Story.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:41 739K
    A Celebrating Villag..> 20-Mar-2006 08:27 707K
    A Christmas Kit.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:27 120K
    A Froghitters Fantas..> 16-Feb-2005 23:49 846K
    A Ray Charles Anthol..> 06-Sep-2005 02:41 600K
    A Taste for Music.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:42 461K
    A la Berline Postilj..> 06-Sep-2005 02:41 288K
    Absalon.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:51 1.5M
    Adagio Mozart.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:42 221K
    Adagio-Rachmaninov.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:52 446K
    Adagio.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:27 254K
    AdagioSpartacus.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:10 448K
    Air on a G String.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:42 688K
    Alake.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:42 91K
    Always.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:55 508K
    AmazingGrace.pdf 13-Aug-2004 02:49 543K
    AnOther X-Mas.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:43 720K
    Aperitivo Energico.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:28 483K
    Aria.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:57 674K
    Atouchofsalsa.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:11 773K
    Attila.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:43 475K
    AuroraBorealis.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:18 1.5M
    Ballad.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:28 864K
    Ballata per Te.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:43 285K
    BallataperTe.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:11 615K
    Bamberg.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:20 1.7M
    Basel Impressions.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:44 435K
    Beautiful.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:22 414K
    Beestenboel Leerling..> 29-Aug-2008 00:15 5.6M
    Beestenboel Lerarenb..> 29-Aug-2008 00:14 1.6M
    Bergischer.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:22 649K
    Bermuda.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:23 415K
    BlueHills.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:23 603K
    Break Out.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:50 759K
    Broken vow.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:50 657K
    Cantiphonia.pdf 06-Sep-2005 03:06 1.0M
    Capriccio.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:50 743K
    Carnaval Festival.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:51 405K
    CarnavalFestival.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:25 716K
    Carnival Overture.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:45 1.1M
    CatchtheTune.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:11 379K
    Celebration Fa.pdf 05-Mar-2009 05:14 451K
    Celebration.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:26 957K
    Celtic Child.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:45 973K
    Change.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:27 843K
    Charanga.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:27 1.1M
    Che Gelida Manina.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:46 188K
    ChildBorn.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:28 353K
    Choralia.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:28 178K
    ChristmasSongs.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:29 1.3M
    ChristmasTrilogy.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:30 763K
    Cinema Paradiso.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:51 382K
    Cinemania.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:46 579K
    CircusPicolini.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:12 1.0M
    Clarinet in Motion.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:28 1.0M
    ClassicpopinConcert.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:32 1.8M
    Clouseau Medley.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:52 1.4M
    Colors.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:07 1.3M
    Come On Eileen.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:46 460K
    Czardas.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:33 521K
    DasWolgalied.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:34 711K
    Demasiado.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:35 849K
    Der Rosenkavalier.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:47 1.3M
    Destellos.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:36 726K
    DevilsIsland.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:13 642K
    Diamonds are a girls..> 16-Feb-2005 23:51 545K
    Die Schone Galathea.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:48 878K
    DoTheyKnow.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:37 450K
    Doky Doov.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:28 593K
    Dragostea.pdf 31-Aug-2004 23:32 570K
    Driving Home for Chr..> 06-Sep-2005 02:48 412K
    Duke.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:38 963K
    Dynamite.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:39 913K
    E-Motion.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:40 1.6M
    EdithPiaf.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:41 1.0M
    Egmont.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:14 1.3M
    Ekato.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:29 1.2M
    Elegia.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:14 360K
    Eloise.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:52 729K
    Elysium.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:42 508K
    Empedocles Suite dee..> 20-Mar-2006 08:29 326K
    Empedocles Suite dee..> 20-Mar-2006 08:29 436K
    Empedocles Suite dee..> 20-Mar-2006 08:29 369K
    Empedocles Suite dee..> 20-Mar-2006 08:29 694K
    Enamorada.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:54 1.0M
    Entrance of the Quee..> 06-Sep-2005 02:49 536K
    ErosConFuoco.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:44 1.3M
    Erzitmeerineenliedje..> 11-Aug-2004 09:45 384K
    Evergreen.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:55 283K
    Expr. Grieg – Four L..> 23-Mar-2006 01:35 150K
    Fables and Fantasies..> 06-Sep-2005 02:49 854K
    Faces.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:52 1.0M
    Fanfare/ 07-Oct-2008 07:01 –
    FanfareforFriend.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:15 745K
    Fantasia.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:50 698K
    Fasten Seatbelts.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:50 193K
    Festive Fanfare.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:50 325K
    Festive Impressions.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:51 849K
    Fiesta.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:07 1.9M
    Funeral March.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:29 338K
    FunkyMusic.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:48 657K
    Ganzenpas.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:48 609K
    GoOnForever.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:17 1.0M
    Gomera Nights.pdf 03-Mar-2009 00:13 456K
    GospelRivavel.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:18 770K
    Graciana.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:55 624K
    Gulliver.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:51 1.7M
    Hail Nero.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:54 1.0M
    HanselGretel.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:52 1.2M
    Have I told you late..> 27-Feb-2006 13:56 463K
    HijodelaLuna.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:53 765K
    Hittheroad.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:53 571K
    Honorisia.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:54 437K
    Horizons.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:54 602K
    Hymn a l amour.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:51 121K
    Hymn to the Fallen.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:54 728K
    Ichbinwiedu.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:19 1.0M
    Idylle.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:55 586K
    Im still standing.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:55 787K
    In Onore Di.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:56 797K
    Ivanhoe.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:56 1.2M
    Ive-gotmusic.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:57 790K
    Jello.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:58 1.2M
    Jericho.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:00 2.4M
    Join the Club.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:30 357K
    Jump.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:52 465K
    K3.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:00 774K
    KAMELEONEDITIONSOKT2..> 16-Oct-2008 02:37 9.1M
    Kabouterdans.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:01 419K
    Katinka.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:01 368K
    KidsinWonderland.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:02 891K
    Koraal.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:19 790K
    Kumbaya.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:52 158K
    La Boda de Luis Alon..> 06-Sep-2005 02:52 882K
    La Strada.pdf 23-Mar-2006 01:36 1.6M
    LaCucinaItaliana.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:21 1.8M
    LaPriere.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:03 313K
    LaPulcedAcqua.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:21 544K
    LaStrada.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:01 1.6M
    Late Night Music Fa.pdf 23-Mar-2009 08:14 1.3M
    LateNight.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:23 1.8M
    Le rendez-vous de ch..> 06-Sep-2005 02:53 383K
    Leonesse.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:08 925K
    Libertango.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:56 581K
    Light of my life.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:56 1.1M
    Little Christmas Sui..> 21-Mar-2006 12:08 466K
    LolaHilario.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:06 1.4M
    LonelyThisChristmas.pdf 13-Aug-2004 04:31 467K
    Love is all around.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:08 399K
    Lyriske.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:08 1.4M
    MahlerAdagio.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:09 451K
    Majestic Solemnity.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:57 277K
    Make your move.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:58 599K
    March from the Ark.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:58 699K
    Marche Heroique.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:53 563K
    MarcheMilitaireFranc..> 11-Aug-2004 10:12 1.3M
    Marina.pdf 16-Feb-2005 23:59 686K
    Medusa.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:00 1.6M
    Memories of Cheb.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:01 947K
    MerryChristmasEveryo..> 11-Aug-2004 15:01 445K
    MichelPartout.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:13 1.0M
    Missing.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:13 644K
    Mr Sandman.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:57 699K
    MrBlueSky.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:15 1.1M
    Music for a new gene..> 17-Feb-2005 00:01 471K
    Musica Festiva.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:58 1.1M
    MyWay.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:17 1.0M
    New Signature.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:30 825K
    New York New York.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:59 436K
    NewGeneration.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:18 813K
    Nico.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:23 623K
    Niflheim.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:54 935K
    No Nonsense.pdf 27-Feb-2006 13:59 379K
    Noah’s Ark.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:30 843K
    Nordic Suite.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:02 1.2M
    OTannenbaum.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:02 304K
    Oblivion.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:02 337K
    Oh Happy Day.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:03 663K
    OhLaLaLa.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:20 678K
    On stage with Tina T..> 20-Mar-2006 08:31 1.2M
    One moment in time.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:00 515K
    OpeningMusic.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:22 663K
    OvertureToTheThreeAn..> 11-Aug-2004 15:03 1.0M
    PacisValley.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:03 876K
    Panache.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:23 1.4M
    Paradise Dreams.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:08 661K
    Peanuts.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:01 258K
    Pitsenburg March.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:03 625K
    Play that funky musi..> 27-Feb-2006 14:01 742K
    Pleased to meet you.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:01 314K
    Pleased2Meet.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:25 586K
    Ploplied.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:25 264K
    Police Academy.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:02 609K
    PoppyTimes.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:26 573K
    PortraitsofSpain.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:24 1.6M
    Prayer.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:54 177K
    PreludeToNewEra.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:25 331K
    Queen.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:29 910K
    Radio0bertura.pdf 03-Nov-2004 03:44 756K
    Rapunzel.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:04 1.8M
    Ratafia.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:30 940K
    Raymond.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:31 1.3M
    Recalls.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:34 1.5M
    Regimentskinder Mars..> 11-Aug-2004 10:34 605K
    Remember The 80s.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:54 668K
    Remember70.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:04 1.2M
    Rhapsodia.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:36 1.8M
    Risin.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:03 674K
    River Deep Mountain ..> 06-Sep-2005 02:55 486K
    Room for two.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:03 422K
    Room42.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:37 699K
    Room4two.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:37 482K
    SagaCandida.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:32 1.1M
    Samsonrock.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:38 400K
    SantaClaus.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:38 529K
    Shake a tailfeather.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:04 1.1M
    Showtime.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:05 1.6M
    Sigaar.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:38 508K
    Sister.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:39 54K
    SjaloomChaverim.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:06 305K
    Skyline.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:40 881K
    Slow Motion.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:04 269K
    So this is X -mas.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:30 267K
    Solitaire.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:04 168K
    SousLeCiel.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:06 499K
    Spartacus.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:07 1.6M
    Steps.pdf 20-Mar-2006 08:30 571K
    Stop the Cavalry.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:55 308K
    SurfinFM.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:41 952K
    Symph 1 – Kalinnikov..> 06-Sep-2005 03:07 1.1M
    Symph. 1 Gilgamesh.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:09 1.3M
    Symph1Asgard.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:33 1.4M
    Symphonic Variations..> 06-Sep-2005 02:57 847K
    Symphonyforthefuture..> 11-Aug-2004 15:35 1.5M
    Tanga.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:41 594K
    The 80s Charts Medle..> 17-Feb-2005 00:05 1.1M
    The Age of Aquarius.pdf 20-Mar-2006 06:24 2.3M
    The Quest.pdf 23-Mar-2006 01:36 440K
    The Shadow of Golgot..> 21-Mar-2006 12:09 930K
    The Universal Rock C..> 06-Sep-2005 02:57 669K
    The Untouchables.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:57 416K
    TheAwakening.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:45 567K
    TheBeachBoys.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:46 952K
    TheBillyJoelSongbook..> 11-Aug-2004 10:47 1.4M
    TheKarachiBoulevard.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:48 1.3M
    TheKetchupSong.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:48 429K
    TheLastOfTheMohicans..> 11-Aug-2004 10:49 1.5M
    TheLastSong.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:50 448K
    TheLongestDay.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:08 556K
    TheManInTheIronMask.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:51 1.5M
    TheOlympicDream.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:52 1.1M
    TheRose.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:52 433K
    TheSeaHawk.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:08 674K
    This Love.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:05 559K
    ThoseDays.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:52 490K
    ThoseWereTheDays.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:53 490K
    Too Funky.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:06 814K
    Tribute to Glenn Mil..> 27-Feb-2006 14:05 1.0M
    TwinklingTunes.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:09 791K
    Two Tribes.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:07 1.5M
    Udo Jurgens Medley.pdf 06-Sep-2005 02:58 837K
    Under the double eag..> 27-Feb-2006 14:06 451K
    UnderTheDoubleEagle.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:54 783K
    UnexpectedSong.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:54 276K
    Verdammt ich lieb di..> 27-Feb-2006 14:06 408K
    VerdammtIchLiebDich.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:55 744K
    VillaWertha.pdf 11-Aug-2004 15:09 761K
    Vlieg met me mee.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:07 730K
    Voici les cles.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:08 732K
    Weihnachtslieder.pdf 21-Mar-2006 12:09 615K
    What a feeling.pdf 17-Feb-2005 00:08 611K
    When a child is born..> 21-Mar-2006 12:09 180K
    WhistlingKettle.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:56 459K
    Wondering.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:58 1.1M
    YouHaveGotafriend.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:59 878K
    Youcanleaveyourhat.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:59 848K
    Your Song.pdf 27-Feb-2006 14:06 331K
    Zorba.pdf 11-Aug-2004 11:00 546K
    a-cry-help.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:48 612K
    ali-baba.pdf 11-Aug-2004 08:55 1.6M
    back-future.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:18 484K
    bavarian.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:21 1.6M
    beatbluesswing.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:22 950K
    boomerang.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:24 510K
    can-you-read.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:25 517K
    concertante.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:33 1.1M
    dear-frog.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:34 259K
    disco-time.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:36 269K
    from-distance.pdf 11-Aug-2004 09:47 269K
    just-fun.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:00 331K
    lets-get-loud.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:05 533K
    nat-king.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:18 1.4M
    o-my-beloved.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:19 223K
    olhos-verdes.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:21 585K
    only-you.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:21 239K
    paradise-dreams.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:24 603K
    peanuts.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:24 328K
    police-academy.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:25 586K
    puccissimo.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:29 740K
    red-wine.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:34 473K
    remember-60.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:35 765K
    silvarez-march.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:39 386K
    solemnity.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:40 481K
    sulztaler.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:40 449K
    the-beatles.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:42 1.0M
    the-eagle.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:43 389K
    the-logical.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:43 539K
    the-music-chaplin.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:44 1.2M
    the-round-table.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:45 715K
    top-rob.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:54 1.1M
    viva-verdi.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:56 1.0M
    winter-games.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:57 703K
    yesterday.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:58 218K
    you-got-friend.pdf 11-Aug-2004 10:58 440K



    Potrzebuje Pilnie nut na Orkiestrę Dętą do Różowej Pantery 😉 i He’s a Pirate ;)) jakby ktoś miał to proszę o link albo o wysłanie na emaila 😉

    z góry dzieki;)


    Mam te dwa utwory, jeszcze potrzebne…
    Kontakt gg: 11039924


    potrzebuje nut do utworu Children of Sanchez na trąbke moje gg to 10216529


    ymienie się partyturami!
    ja mam takie:
    1. 1900 march
    2. Camment ca va
    3. Janosik
    4. Pirates of the caribean
    5. Mission impossible
    6. Pink panther
    7. Children of Sanchez
    8. The best of Maryla Rodowicz
    9. Mambo no 5
    10. What a wonderful world
    11. Superman march
    12. Kwiat jednej nocy
    13. My way
    14. Police academy march
    15. Ave Maria-Schubert
    16. The best of Rudi Schubert
    17. Ave Maria-Verdi (brass quartet)
    18. Bamboleo
    19. Hello mr Connif
    20. Jozin z Bazin
    21. Schutzen marsch
    22. The James Bond theme
    23. Popularne przeboje świata
    24. Tequila
    25. Twisting Saxophones
    26. Bart Bacharach-wiązanka (tenor sax solo)
    27. Moon River-Henry Mancini
    28. New York, New York
    29. Paul McCartney-Yesterday
    30. Freundschaftsklange marsz
    31. The Beatels
    32. Wiosenne Medytacje
    33. In the Mood-Glenn Miller
    34. Tank
    35. Prelude Fantasque
    36. Guantanamera
    37. LIL K.C. (swing)
    38. The other one
    39. Samba
    40. Miz Marie (swing)
    41. In 36 ore

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