10 Minute Buzz Session


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10 Minute Buzz Session

ALL sound is created through vibrations!

On brass instruments the source for vibrations is the lips. A full, rich buzzing sound translates into a warm rich trumpet sound.

(1) Take slow deep relaxing breaths, blow a large volume of air through the mouthpiece for six counts (repeat 10x)

(2) Flap Lips (horse lips) in relaxed fashion for 10-15 seconds (repeat 3x)

(3) Begin to buzz lips, buzzing tones in the pedal range – Relaxed and Full (2 minutes)

(4) Slides – slowly slide the pitch in the following fashion over 10 seconds. (4 minutes)

Pedal – Low (up and down)
Low – Middle (up and down)
Middle – High (up and down)
Low – High (up and down)
Pedal – High (up and down

(5) Slur simple tunes on your lips. (2 minutes)

(6) Buzz some of your etudes, studies and pieces (3-5 minutes)

To facilitate a richer buzz, try this: Lightly touch the tongue to the backside of the lips! It will dramatically help the lips to vibrate in a fuller fashion.

IMPORTANT: The tongue should never pass the teeth when playing the trumpet. The tongue is being used in these exercises to increase lip vibration.

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